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Mahi-ye Doodi ~ Smoked White Fish

By  •  March 16, 2017

Norouz, the Persian New Year, is next week. Therefore, it is time to start getting ready by preparing the traditional new year menu. In the past I have posted various …
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Fish in Parchment Paper

By  •  March 9, 2013

In light of Norouz I am posting yet another fish recipe. Two years ago I posted the traditional Pan Fried White Fish that Iranians eat for Norouz and last year …
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Mahi Sefeed ~ White Fish

By  •  March 14, 2012

Last year I posted a super easy, yet delicious, recipe for Pan Fried White Fish which can be made for Norouz. This year I am featuring my staple recipe that I pretty much make every year for our Norouz Party. In a perfect world Read More

Pan Fried White Fish

By  •  March 14, 2011

In preparation for Norouz here is a fish recipe that can be served along with Sabzi Polow, Rice with Fresh Herbs.  This is a super easy recipe and pretty quick too! You can use any kind of white wish Read More

Sabzi Polow Mahi ~ Persian Herbed Rice with Fish

By  •  March 15, 2010

Norouz is only a few days away folks! Today’s post showcases yet another dish that it traditionally consumed for the Persian new year.  Last week I posted Reshteh Polow …
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Ghezel Ala ba Narenj ~ Trout with Bitter Orange

By  •  March 16, 2015

Norouz is only a few days away! Today’s post is part childhood memories, part recipe, and part sharing Norouz related recipes by a group of Persian food bloggers! Well let’s …
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MENA Cooking Club: Yellow Rice

By  •  December 9, 2014

The December challenge for the Middle Easter & North African Cooking Club (MENA) comes to us from this month’s host who is Maryam Culinary Wonders. This month the cooking focuses on …
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Sabzi Polow Mahi Tahdig

By  •  March 17, 2014

Some times in the name of creativity we need to challenger ourselves. This Sabzi Polow Mahi Tahdig is impressive visually and much to those who doubted my sanity it’s pretty …
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Naan Gerdooee ~ Persian Walnut Cookie

By  •  March 13, 2014

In the days leading up to Norouz traditionally Iranians spend countless hours preparing for the arrival of the new year. During this time many homemade cookies are baked to offer …
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Slow Cooker Asheh Reshteh ~ Persian Noodle Soup

By  •  March 15, 2013

I have been meaning to post slow cooker Persian recipes for a while. It is only fit that I begin this series with the one recipe that I make …
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