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It’s the time of the year when everyone talks about the upcoming holiday season. The holiday season is synonymous with gift shopping. Most bloggers post their own holiday gift guide this time of the year featuring their favorite products.  This year I am going to expand on something that I touched on last year as far as my holiday gift guides go.  I am going to take a whole new approach this year and taking this show on a more personal and meaningful road.  Yap! I am not following the masses. What I am doing is taking you on a virtual tour and introducing you to some of my own talented personal friends who make a living out of their creativity. There is a present or two for everyone in this group!!

Elena Rego: the woman behind Food Practice, she is a talented artist and jewelry maker.

Elena makes beautiful handmade journals that are currently on sale on her Etsy Shop Lunar Adornments.  Hurry up they are all currently 50% off.


Sheila Arkee: the woman behind Painted Ladies. She is a fabulous makeup artist and photographer.

If you need someone to do your make up for any occasion or need a life style photographer in the South Bay or Orange County contact her!! Check out her photography website Akeeology Photography. She is a lot of fun to work with. Giggles guaranteed!


Shannon Hammer: the woman behind  The Positive Portions Food and Fitness Journal. Shannon is one of my writing buddies and all around awesome gal! This is her first published book and I am so proud of her! I was one of the very first people to get this book!

Read all about her weight loss journey and tips on her website Positive Portions. Buy her book for yourself or as a present for someone who could use one!!!!!!!!!! Now if I only had her will power….but that’s a whole other story!


Dania Katz: the woman that connects the foodies in Maui and the rest of the Hawaiian islands. She introduced me to wonderful people and foodie experiences while in Maui this past summer! I affectionately call her my guru!

Dania works with the Edible Hawaiian Islands, a truly gorgeous magazine that would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves Hawaii!


Marilyn Jansen Lopes: the woman behind Amaryllis of Hawaii. An artist with many different talents. Take a look around her website for all the great pieces that she creates!

I have done a give away with Marilyn’s books before. They are awesome, and so is she!


Cathy Stoia: the woman behind and an all around creative thinking machine!! She is just so fab!

Her MishMoshBoxes are awesome for kids, but she also makes them custom made depending on your needs. Cathy has got a lot of great gifts for people of all ages: vintage jewelry, old school toys, vintage Barbies, vintage charms and much more!!!


Aydin Shamshirsaz: the man behind Aydin’s Art. A fellow Iranian who is a very talented painter. Please check his website for a sample of all the beautiful work that he has done: Aydin’s Art

I love the piece above which is one of Aydin’t original paintings. But there is more to him, Aydin’s area of expertise covers hand painted murals, special finishes, decorative painting, interior and exterior painting and design, customized fine art for hospitality and for personal collections.


Big Joe Hurt: a truly beautiful person inside and out. Every time I see him perform, he simply moves to me to tears. I love going to see Big Joe perform at clubs around LA. What I love the most though, is when he comes to our house for our yearly wedding anniversary party to play for us!

I love his music and his deep soulful voice. Both his albums While You Were Away and No Pain, No Gain can be purchased on his website and on itunes! If you live in LA he is available for private gigs!


Last but not least Bahman Sarram: also known as Bviolin is a fellow Persian musician! I gave away one of Bahman’s CDs earlier this year.

I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but when I first heard his music, I was like an obsessed teenager, I listened to his CDs over and over again. I love his genre of music.  Both his CDs Stretch Reach and How This Weighs on Me can be purchased on his website! If you  live in the San Diego area, please go see his performances.  He also does private parties; if you need entertainment, he’s your man!

Please support independent artists, creative minds, and musicians!!

Happy shopping!

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