I don’t live in Los Angeles, do you teach in other cities/countries?
I am absolutely open to travel to teach in other cities/countries as long as I have someone who lives locally who can help me secure a place where the cooking classes can take place and also help me disseminate the word to find people to attend the classes. In exchange I will comp said person’s class(es) fee(s). Contact me for further info!

Do you know if there are any Persian cooking classes in my city?
Your guess is as good as mine! I am not familiar with cooking classes in cities that I don’t live in. You may want to do an internet search and look up your local cooking school to see what you can come up with!

Do you do private cooking classes for one person?
Yes! I sure do as long as you live in Los Angeles or Orange County.

I am new to Persian cooking. My tahdig burned, what did I do wrong?
There are a couple of reasons why tahdig burns: 1) there wasn’t enough oil and water at the bottom of the pot, 2) the rice was not cooked on low heat, or 3) a non-stick pot was not used. Best advice I can give you is to keep practicing! Practice makes perfect, it sure worked for me!!

What is the difference between a Persian rice cooker and a regular rice cooker?
I wrote a whole post about the difference between the two and you can find it here: Persian Rice Cooker

Can I make rice mixed with other ingredients in the rice cooker?
Yes, you can. However, you must make sure to give the rice and ingredients a gentle stir when most of the water has been absorbed so that they don’t sit on top of the rice.

I am vegetarian/vegan, do you have any recipes that I can eat?
I am so glad you asked! Yes, I sure do! I used to be a Pesco-vegetarian for a few years and had to get creative and make my favorite Persian dishes adaptable to my diet.
For a list of my vegetarian recipes click here: Vegetarian Persian recipes
For a list of my vegan recipes click here: Vegan Persian recipes

I am allergic to Gluten, do you have any gluten free recipes?
I sure do! Most Persian dishes can easily be adapted into gluten free as there is such thing as GF Basmati rice!
For a list of my Gluten Free recipes click here: Gluten Free Persian Recipes

Can I make a recipe request?
Yes, you sure can! Shoot me an email with your request and I will put in on my list!

I don’t live in an area where there are Persian store, where can I buy Persian ingredients or cookware?
The best place I can recommend to find Persian ingredients online is Persian Basket.

Are you on Facebook?
MPK has its own Facebook Fan Page. I love the interaction that takes place there, so hurry up and join us!! Oh, please suggest MPK’s Fan Page to your family and friends too! http://www.facebook.com/MyPersianKitchen

Do you have a twitter account?
I sure do here it is: http://twitter.com/PersianKitchen

Can I link to your page?
Of course you can! Link away!

Can we do a link exchange?
I don’t do link exchanges and you can read about why in this article: Why Link Exchanges Are a Terrible, No-Good Idea

Can I use one of your pictures in my post?
Yes, you sure can, as long as the watermark is not removed and it is linked back to MPK.

How can I search your website for a recipe I am looking for?
There is a “search box” in the middle column of my website directly under the newsletter form. If you scroll down further you will see a list of food categories under “On The Menu.” I am working on a recipe page which will make searching for recipes much easier.

Do you have a newsletter?
Yes, as of January 2011 MPK has a newsletter! You can enter your email address in the box at the top of the middle column or through the Join My List tab on MPK’s Facebook Fan Page