It is no secret that I love picnics. In the summer time, I particularly enjoy packing a picnic for the outdoors concerts at the Hollywood Bowl and/or at various parks around Los Angeles. Last week the Sous Chef and I had tickets to go see DJ McPherson at the Hollywood Bowl. For said occasion I packed my favorite picnic box with a few goodies. I made skewers with Kalbas, Persian Mortadella, wrapped around a Persian Pickle, which made it easy to transport and eat.

Kalbas Skewer

Besides the Kalbas Skewers, I also included  Kuku Sabzi muffins made by the Sous Chef, Mast-o-musir, homemade cheese, slices of Persian cucumbers, and Barbari Bread. I also brought along some Pita Chips.

What I really like about these skewers is that they are easy and fast to make. They also make eating Kalbas on a picnic easy. They also make for a good all protein or, dare I say, Paleo snack.

Kalbas SkewerThe most important part of making these skewers, is making sure that the Persian Pickles and tomatoes are absolutely void of moisture.

Kalbas Skewer-2

Place a pickle on top of one round mortadella slice and roll onto itself. Then place the rolled pickle, seam side down onto a second slice, and roll onto itself. I find that by rolling the mortadella in this fashion, you will get a more even roll. Kalbas Skewer-3

Cut the roll into four even pieces. Kalbas Skewer-4Place one piece of the roll onto the skewer, then add a cherry tomato, then another piece of the roll. I found that for me, this was the best combination.