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My Grandma used a pressure cooker. My Mom is a fan of cooking with a pressure cooker.  Me on the other hand? I have resisted buying a pressure cooker for years.  I am all about letting food cook for as long as it needs to in order for the flavors to come together.

It seems like either people absolutely love to cook with their pressure cooker or you got people like me who hate anything that cooks anything in speed of light.  And I should let the hat out of the bag right here right now:  I am not a fan of microwaves either.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack the day my own mother told me that she and my sister had “cooked” chicken in their brand new microwave.

Now that I have let that off my chest, let’s proceed.

I know that meat and legumes cook faster and all the positive aspects of cooking with a pressure cooker.  My mom has given me the whole run down. I get it, I really do! But what can I say, I resisted, and so did The Sous Chef, until my cooking classes were scheduled and I realized that I needed to speed up the cooking process.  So after doing some research, comparing and contrasting brands,  I finally broke down and bought one.  I settled on a nice Stainless Steal Fagor.

Since I had never cooked with one before, I diligently went over the user manual and watched the DVD that came with it.  Allow me to confess that I was mighty paranoid about making sure that I did everything correctly because honestly the idea of the pressure cooker’s lid flying off and the aftermath of it freaks me out. Because if that were to happen to someone, you know it would be to me.

I personally find that using a pressure cooker to quickly cook  meat for a khoresht is great. It’s also great to cook legumes fast. But as far as cooking a whole meal with a pressure cooker, I must say I am not a fan of.   We made a meat, potatoes and veggie stew just to test it out. Even though each ingredient was cooked through with in about 20 minutes, I honestly feel that you can taste the difference between something that has cooked for a while together and built flavor in the process verses it being cooked fast.  I have to say I much prefer cooking my meat in my Dutch ovens and I will probably use the pressure cooker when pressed for time.

In the mean time, here is a tutorial on how to cook  meat in a pressure cooker when making khoresht. For this demo I used stewing meat.

Sauté onion and garlic in some oil.

Add turmeric or other spices as needed.

Add meat and season with salt and pepper.

Brown meat on all sides for a few minutes.

Add 3-4 cups of water.

Place the lid on and lock the lid.

Turn the top handle to pressure cooking mode.  Cook on high heat.

Until the little yellow button pops up.  At this point cook on low for about 20 minutes (check user manual for cooking time for the type or cut of meat that you are using).  Remember pressure cooking begins when the little yellow button pops up.

Once cooking time is done turn the knob to release pressure.  Wait until all the steam is gone to open the pressure cooker.

At this point the meat was cooked through, but definitely needs some additional time to cook with whatever vegetable is going to be added to it to make a khoresht.

So how many of you cook with a pressure cooker regularly and what is your experience like?

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