I don’t know where January and February went. But what I do know is that it’s March and this means it’s the time of the year when I feel like a hamster madly running on a wheel. The video below just about sums it up for me!! The only difference is that he is quiet while your truly is a lot more vocal and animated.


Last year I really out did myself with all the post that I created for the month of March leading up to Norouz. A couple of weeks ago I sat down and brainstormed what I was going to do this year. The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty busy around here! So buckle up and join me for this year’s countdown to Norouz.

First things first: this year’s Saleh Tahvil, the transition of winter into spring known as Spring Equinox, which marks the renewal of the Persian calendar will take place on Monday March 21st at 2:51 in the morning Tehran time.

For those of you living around the world here are the times in a few of the major cities around the world:

Rome: Monday March 21st at 00:21am
Paris: Monday March 21st at 00:21am
London: Sunday March 20th at 11:21pm
New York: Sunday March 20th at 7:21pm
Chicago: Sunday March 20th at 6:21pm
Los Angeles: Sunday March 20th at 4:21pm
Sydney: Monday March 21th 10:21am

During the weeks that lead up to Norouz it is customary for Iranians to first and foremost do some Khaneh Takani, spring cleaning. Indeed, women will busy themselves cleaning every nook and cranny of their home.

Additionally, during the weeks prior to Norouz there is some serious baking that takes place in order to make sure that each person has plenty of sweets to place on the Sofreh Haftseen, the traditional spread that is prepared for the  New Year, as well as enough to share with family and friends.

Here are last year’s post in the order of appearance:

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Kuku Sabzi ~ Persian Frittata With Fresh Herbs

Sofreh Haft Seen ~ The 7 “S” of Norouz

Sizdeh Bedar ~ 13th Day of Norouz

Countdown to Norouz: 19 Days!