A couple of weekends ago I drove out to my friends Maryanne and Ryan’s house for a fun Egg Decorating party.  You see, I could have decorated the eggs myself, but I thought it would have been a lot more fun to have children do the decorating. I have been encouraging Indi the dog to work on her art skills, but she much prefers practicing her napping skills.  Therefore, I had to borrow other people’s children!

I showed up with colored eggs using the same method I used last year minus the shining part of the eggs. I also brought along some yummy chocolate for the kids. Maryanne informed me, once the kids ate all the chocolate, that I might get a phone call later in the evening when the two kids would still be up high on chocolate!! Fortunately for me there was no phone call!!!

Decorating eggs is a great way to get kids involved in the Norouz preparation. You can even make it into a family event. It was a lot of fun to hang out with Maryanne, Ryan, D., and N.

For the fun Egg Decorating party I bought a couple of kits from Micheal’s and the kids got busy coloring away while someone was watching hockey…

The kits came with various stickers and paint, along with q-tips to apply the paint onto the eggs.

I was pretty impressed with both D. and N.’s decorating skills! They seemed to have fun!

Here is little D. who is 4. He is as sweet as pie, just like his mom.

You see this little one? N. aka trouble in the making is 2!!! It is safe to say that he is mischievous just like his dad.  Let me also add this. You see that smile? That’s the kind of smile that some boys give you and your heart just melts. You see I am really familiar with that kind of smile…

I’ll let you guess who this is….you see this smile? This is his “Pleeeeeasseeeee, say yes to me!!!” smile. That same smile convinced me to open up our yearly Norouz party to all of our friends and there are currently 55 people showing up!!

Going back to what this post is about,you can also decorate your Sofreh Haft Seen‘s garlic. Here is Maryanne’s master piece!!!

Please get your kids involved in the Norouz festivities. Share and pass on this beautiful aspect of our culture to them!