So The Sous Chef left the island a couple of weeks ago, so I have been exploring the island on my own and also catching up on some work.

I must begin with this picture because I somehow completely forgot to post it on my last update. I must have been so excited over finding Hawaiian food that I completely forgot to post this one even though it was totally ready.  Anyway. We went back to The Pineapple Grill just before The Sous Chef left on a fine Friday night for some cocktails and Pupus.  I completely fell in love with this dish the very first time we went and had it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it, so by golly, the second time around I was not about to miss out on the opportunity.

I introduce to you Ahi & Salmon Tartare made with Hass avocado relish, chili oil, and crispy lotus chips.  Sadly, the first time I had to share it with Sous Chef because we ordered a few things and shared. The second time we went, no way was I sharing. Oh no! I am all about sharing, but I will NEVER share the Ahi & Salmon Tartare, because it’s THAT good. So good that the first time I tasted it my eyes nearly rolled to the back of my head, the crowded room along with the singer in the background all stood still, and my taste buds just went inSANE! Yes, it is that good. Would you believe it that 3 out of our party of four ordered it? Elena was the only person who didn’t order it simply because she doesn’t do raw fish. So if you like tuna tartare, please do yourself a favor next time you are in Maui and go have this Ahi & Tuna Tartare, I promise you, it won’t disappointed you!

OK now moving on! My wonderful friend Dania invited me to go with her to Wailuku’s First Friday extravaganza.

Dania is a simply awesome, she works with Edible Hawaiian Islands and Slow Food Maui.

I finally got to meet her kids and her husband that evening. Her daughter Lily is a young artist and entrepreneur in training. Here she is selling her handmade cards. Please do take the time to read Lily’s first published article in the Edible Hawaiian Islands: Furlough Friday.

And Joel, Dania’s husband is an accomplished musician and was there as well playing Hawaiian steel guitar! So if you are ever in Maui and in need of a professional musician or a recoding studio, he is your man!

It was nice walking up and down the street and checking out the stores and the artists who had come out for the monthly event. Amongst my favorite things to see was this mom carrying her baby on her back while working.

Now this is brilliant. A pizzeria on wheels complete with prep area and brick oven!

A lady was selling duck eggs. I don’t think I have ever had duck eggs, have you?

The following night off we went to the Lahaina Jodo Mission Obon Festival.

The Lahaina Jodo Mission is very peaceful and pretty. The buddah is made out of copper and bronze and it is the largest of its kind outside of Japan and certainly the largest in Maui!

The temple.

The lanterns awaiting to be lit in honor of the deceased and transported.

The stage area adorned with beautiful paper lanterns.


As it got darker the whole place was vibrating with people and it looked beautiful.

The lanterns were lit then were walked around the stage area and then walked to the beach where they were taken out to sea.

The lanterns were then lined up far out past the surf and set free to float.

Shortly thereafter the singing and dancing started, which was all so incredibly beautiful.

Here are a couple of videos for your enjoyment. It was all so incredibly beautiful and fascinating to me!



The marine life remains as exciting as ever for me!

The  highlight of my 4th of July snorkeling adventure was seeing this lobster.

But the biggest highlight of snorkeling in Ka’anapali is this guy!

Flying Gurnards can be rarely seen, but I have now seen two of them, on different days of course!

Blackside Hawkfish

Ornate Butterflyfish

I was kind surprised to see these guys spearfishing so close to the beach….I took a picture and turned around a left the area as quickly as possible, cause knowing my luck you never know, the damn the sharp thingy from the speargun could have just bounced off and found its way towards me.

I had never seen four of these Trumpetfish swimming together before. Wonder if they were a family!

I totally love these Black Triggerfish! They are everywhere!

This  Picasso Triggerfish  I totally felt sorry for. He had a fish hook and part of the net attached to his mouth. Looked like he escaped being fished, poor thing. He was just swimming around with the hook and net attached to his mouth.

And last but not least, I would like to own a place like this when I grow up with a nice sun-room, Lanai, or porch just like this. That’s is precisely where I sat and had lunch at a friend’s house.