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Gojeh 1 (Medium)

Do you have any fond childhood memories that involve food? I do. Many.  I always get that fuzzy feeling inside any time I see or taste something that I loved in my childhood.  Back in the days when I was a kid, there were a couple of things that I looked forward to as winter would come to an end making way for spring.  Hands down, spring is my favorite time of the year.  You see, there is the Persian New Year Norouz, then 20 days after it there is my birthday, the trees and flowers start blossoming, and Gojeh Sabz is in season.  That last one in itself was a huge deal. Everyone looked forward to when they were in season because every loves Gojeh Sabz. If you are Persian and you don’t like them, then there is something wrong with you. Can I be any more judgemental???!! Seriously….

Gojeh Sabz is actually sour plums which have not fully riped. They are sour and delicious! During this time of the year I buy them from our local Persian Grocery store. Much to my delight while I was at the Farmers Market in Torrance yesterday there was a vendor who was selling them. How awesome is that?I just stood in front of the tables and had a moment of happiness with me myself and I.

Gojeh 2 (Small)

The way we eat them is with a little pinch of salt.  The combination of sour and salty is just out of this world good! It will make you giggle!!!

Gojeh 3 (Small)

All you have to do is take a little bite, then sprinkle a little salt, take another bite, another sprinkle of salt and another bite….next thing you know you have gone through a whole bunch of them, because they are just like potato chips, you just can’t quite them! The only issue is that if you eat too many of them you might get a little stomachache.  :) Or at least that’s what my mom always told me.

Last night my friend Kumar came over and guess what he showed up with? A bag of Gojeh Sabz from…you know WHERE? The Santa Monica Farmers Market! He handed me the bag telling me that he didn’t know if I knew what they were but he bought them for me.  DO I NOT KNOW WHAT they are??!! I think I may have scared him with my reaction. Well probably  not, he has known me long enough!

So I was talking to my mom today and telling her about all the Gojeh Sabz that I have.  At the same time I was gearing up and making my grocery list for a recipe which also includes Gojeh Sabz.  My mom told me about a Persian dish that I had never heard of and so my dear readers tomorrow is going to be a marathon cooking day as I will be making two recipes! Woohoo! Stay tuned, I am on a roll here!

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