Until a  few years back I used to wash my mushrooms with water because that’s what I was taught to do all my life.  Frankly, I hated what water did to my mushroom; they always got soggy when I cooked them.  I certainly didn’t want the dirt on the mushroom in my dishes, but I also was not too thrilled about all the water that they absorbed during the washing. Then one fine day someone shared an enlightening technique with me: brush them or whip them.

Come to find out that mushrooms should never be washed!

So I immediately experimented with the new technique that I had leaned. I first used a vegetable brush to clean my mushrooms. I loved the fact that the dirt was immediately brushed away.

However, I hated the fact that the brush’s whisks were a bit too rough and left marks on my mushrooms.  I also tried a regular food brush with softer whisks, which was way too soft and just spread the dirt around.

What works best for me is a damp paper towel.

It certainly makes a huge difference and now my mushrooms are not all soggy!!

Over the weekend on MPK”s Facebook Fan page I asked how everyone cleaned their mushrooms and got lots of great responses. So I now ask you: How do you clean your mushrooms?