So it is the day after Thanksgiving and you have stripped the turkey of all of its meat and are left with a carcass.  In my last post I mentioned that I like to use every part of my turkey and today’s post is an example of it! Turkey stock is super easy to make with your leftover bones.  I absolutely love love love a homemade stock because to me not only it tastes better but it is healthier because it is sodium free. Traditionally stock is made without any salt.  The ones that are purchased from the store are usually loaded with sodium.

To make this stock, you don’t even need to leave the house to buy the ingredients, especially if you have made the turkey recipe that I posted because you will have veggie leftovers to throw in the stock. By now you are probably too tired to even deal with cooking, have no fears, there is very little do to! For this recipe all you have to do is load up everything in a pot and let it simmer for a few hours.


Turkey bones

I am not including the amounts of veggies that you need. It all depends on how many veggies you have left in your fridge. The most important thing is to have mirepoix: onion carrot, and celery.  The more veggies you have, the more flavorful your stock will be.

Place turkey bones in a large pot.

Add veggies to the pot.  If you have any other green veggies by all means add them! Leeks are always a great addition to stock as well.

Add enough water to cover the bones and veggies plus more if there is room in your pot. Cover and simmer on low for 3-4 hours.

Strain stock through fine mesh.  Stock can be used soon thereafter to make soups or sauces or frozen for later use.

I was very happy to end up with 9 cups of stock!