Last week the temperatures in Southern California reached triple digits while out in the East Coast Hurricane Irene was causing some serious havoc. The mood was strange and the heat was just about unbearable. While at my local Persian Market I came across a stack of huge Kharbozeh, Persian melons.  I immediately purchased one as I knew that it was going to be a refreshing dessert and snack to have during the heat waive days.

As I was cutting the kharbozeh a thought came to me. At the beginning of the summer I had seen a few recipes for Popsicle made with fruit and herbs. I thought this was the best time to give it a try and see how the end product turns out.


As any other melon, wash the fruit

Cut open lengthwise

Remove seeds

Cut into pieces. At this point you can just place the cut fruit in a bowl and pop it in the fridge for later consumption. Or you can proceed and make a delicious and refreshing snack!



3 cups of cut khabozeh
20 tarragon leaves

In a food processor mash the melon and tarragon.  My kharbozeh was incredibly sweet so there was no need for sugar.

Place mixture in popsicle molds and allow to freeze for about 4-5 hours.

I absolutely loved the taste of these popsicles! I have always loved tarragon and always buy an extra bunch for my Sabzi. I thought they came together beautifully!

I hope you will enjoy these posicles as much as I have been!