The subject of today’s post is one of the few reasons why I love living in Los Angeles, where Persian stores are abundant and Persian groceries are easy to obtain.  I am a lover of all types of citrus.  I fell in love with Sweet Persian Lemons many moons ago. I always look forward to when they are available at my local Persian Store.  One of the many food memories that I have from Iran is Persian tea being served with these lemons. Every time I cut them and smell their delicate scent I go right back to my childhood.


Look how gorgeous they are.  Persian Sweet Lemons usually have a very thin rind and always have seeds.


You can brew some delicious Persian Tea and serve it with a slice of Sweet Persian Lemon.


You then squeeze it in your tea. It will add a nice sweet scent and flavor to your tea.


I personally love to juice them and drink them up.  All you need, preferably, is a juicer to make the whole process nice and easy. I love these types of juicers. They are simple and remind me of the one my mom used back in the 70s when I as kid in Iran.


Once you are done juicing the lemons, I highly suggest straining the juice.


Throw in a couple of ice cubes if you  like and drink it just like that. You will notice that there is no need to add sugar because the juice is sweet on its own. It has a very sweet scent to it which will totally flirt with your nose! Interestingly, if you leave some of the juice to drink later, its flavor changes. It becomes a bit bitter. If you like grapefruit juice, then you won’t mind. I like them either way, but there is nothing like drinking the juice when freshly squeezed.


Sweet Persian Lemons are very popular amongst the Iranians, I highly suggest you try them out.  Your life won’t be the same!!!