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The other day I was at my local Persian market doing some shopping. I had just finished my shopping transaction and was on my way out of the door when from the corner of my left eye I noticed a childhood treat sitting casually on a shelf next to the door.  Madar Biscuits! Madar in Farsi means mother. Oh  My! I had not seen these cookies since I left Iran 25 years ago!! 

I love the fact that the word  , mother ( مادر  ) is printed on each cookie. I think every Iranian child has had a love affair with these cookies!

There were three different colors of packaging and in all of the excitement that I was feeling I thought they might be different flavors. Low and behold they are all honey flavored. The price was nominal so it didn’t really matter how many I picked up since they were 3 for $.99, score!

This yellow packaging was the most modern and up-to-date out of all three.  The front side of the package was written in Farsi.

While the back was written in English.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but there is nothing more soothing than a little tea and something sweet in the afternoon. So I made myself some Persian tea and since I was by myself, sans polite company, I dunked my Madar Biscuits for a very short second in my tea, ate it and chased it down with a sip of tea! Needless to say that I had myself a fabulous afternoon break which brought back many fond childhood memories!

Do you have any type of food, junk food or treat, that you loved as a child that you’d love to find at the store next time you go shopping?

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