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You are probably asking yourself what I am talking about…the actual kitchen of My Persian Kitchen was indeed closed for two very frustrating weeks. You ask what happened? All hell broke loose.

Let me begin from the beginning, so you know why my brain nearly exploded. Grab yourself a glass of wine and some munchies, this is entertaining folks!

Three years ago The Sous Chef built our desktop computer himself. It worked fabulously during this whole time but it was in a major need of a tune up.  So before we left for Maui I backed up all of my files in our backup drive as the idea was that by the time I came back all would be good.  Low and behold I get a phone call two weeks before I was scheduled to return to LA that the desktop died. DIED! Since my brain was on vacation my heart nearly dropped to the floor at the thought of having lost all of my pictures, articles, and English papers.  Then I was reminded that I had backed up everything and that my personal drive, known around here as drive F, was all fine and dandy.

When I got back home our desktop had been disassembled on the dining room table and all of its guts and glory sat around the main frame.  The presumed broken part had been replaced and…well, nothing. The computer still was not turning on.  A couple of more weeks went by along with a few trips to Fry’s, and still nothing. At this point all of the components of the computer had been replaced. Essentially, we had all new parts but the damn thing would still not turn on.

Now I tried to be as gracious as possible because he likes to built his own computers, but honestly? All I wanted to do is sit and work at my desk where it’s comfortable and where the screen is much bigger than our laptop.  So one find day I was working away at our local coffee shop and I see the following Facebook update by The Sous Chef:

“I feel like a genius & an idiot at the same time while building this computer, a genius when it works & idiot when I figure out that a misplaced nut breaks it :p”

So now we have a new desktop with updated Windows, Microsoft office, and now all of life is in drive D.  It’s like driving a new car, ya gotta figure out what the bells and whistles are all about. This thing makes some random beep noises and I have no idea what it is. But anyway, it runs fabulously fast and smooth! So good ending here!

During this time the three year old flat screen TV starts acting funny.  When we turned it on it would click on but the screen would not turn on right away. I took my frustration over to Twitter:

“Dear flat screen gods, pls don’t let the Vizio die. I have adjusted to not having cable at all, but I CANNOT live without Netflex DVDs.”

I told The Sous Chef, “it’s the electricity in our house. It’s gotta be. We have been talking about redoing the whole thing…maybe this is the time to do it.”

Somehow the TV fixed itself after a few days of acting funny. Then the unthinkable happened.

After six years of life THE.FRIDGE.BROKE. On a Saturday. After we came home from the farmer’s market and Costco.

Universe, seriously?

It’s get better, wait!

So we called the local guy who owns a repair shop up the street, cause we are all about supporting your local economy. He came over on Monday replaced a part and said it should be fixed. A day later the fridge not only was not fixed, but it got worst. All of our veggies, fruit and stuff were dying in there slowly and we could not eat them fast enough. To make matters worst we were going right through a heat wave.

We called another guy who told us that it would be better to go buy a new fridge. So on Wednesday we went to several different places and salivated over kitchen stuff and found the perfect 25 cubic feet freezer bottom with French doors fridge.  Delivery date was set for Saturday. Great!

We were both super excited because our current fridge was small, and it became even smaller when we shopped for our regular parties. In the scheme of things the upgrade was a good thing.

Saturday rolls around and the delivery truck pulled up in front of the house and are you ready for this?

We were told that they could not make the turn into the front door because the space between the railing and the front door was too small. Basically, our new fridge was 3 inches too wide.

Lord have mercy.

Oh universe, you have such a funny sense of humor!

As mad, pissed, angry, frustrated, and sad as I was, I had enough common sense left to actually get online and see if there was a smaller version of our fridge. Because said fridge was exactly what we wanted. Low and behold there was, so we made our way back to the store and did an exchange for a 33 cubic inch one. Delivery date? The following Saturday.

WHAT? One more week without a fridge?

In the mean time we practically threw everything away that was in the fridge and ate out every day.  I can’t tell you how many nights I self-soothed on homemade popcorn. It was hot around here and by the time the middle of the week rolled around all I wanted to do was lay on the coolest part of our hardwood floors like our dog does and suck my left hand index finger and roll my hair around my right index finger like I did when I was child.

Last week nothing seemed to go right. I spent two days blabbing on the phone in hopes to find sponsorships for the Taste of Persia and I raised a whole lot of nothing. No cold water, no sharbateh albaloo or sekanjebin, no nothing!!!

The Saturday delivery date rolled around. First observation of the day was the fact that it was a cool and gloomy morning.  Once again the truck arrived.

An hour later the new fridge was placed in its new home and was working fabulously!

It made it through the door and totally fits perfectly! In retrospect it’s best that we got this fridge because it actually fits better in our kitchen.

This is exactly want we wanted and we are both so excited to have this new kitchen toy! Look at all of that room!!!

The irony? The heat wave ended on that Saturday.

The universe has a tendency to throw a lot of curve balls my way. But when he throws me a bone, that bone is so good that it makes up for all the curve balls.

So now that the fridge saga is over, I can go back to cooking since we have a fridge and I will never take iced cold water for granted!

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