Norouz is officially 4 days away.  I usually get many emails from readers asking me a variety of questions. I am not always super fast when it comes to answering, so my apologies to those of you who fell through the cracks. During this time of the year I get a whole bunch of Norouz related emails.

So I had a bright idea yesterday while I was compiling this month’s newsletter. How about I do a Twitter Norouz Help Party!!! So join me Sunday March 18th from 7pm to 8pm Pacific Standard Time for some conversation about Norouz.

Which dishes should I make for Norouz?

How many cups of rice per person should I use?

Which herbs do I use for Sabzi Polow?

How do I make my fish?

What do I do if my rice burns?

What do I make for Vegetarian/Vegan guests?

Where do I buy White Fish from?

What types of presents are given for Norouz?

How do I set up my Haft Seen?

My Sabzeh didn’t grow, what should I do?

What is Norouz??!!

I have an answer for all and any questions you may have! So grab a glass of wine, or Doogh, and join me for some fun and informative conversation! My Twitter handle is @PersianKitchen. Please use the following Hashtag: #Norouz

Hope to chat with you all Sunday night!!