It is hard to believe that I published the very first MPK recipe 5 years ago today. Looking back it’s amazing how far this little website and I have come since January 11, 2009. I took a little trip down memory lane this morning by looking at some of the old posts. I have certainly come a long way and MPK has allowed me to not only share my recipes with you, but also create my own journal of culinary adventures. I haven been so fortunate to have been able to make a lot of wonderful connection with people, have delicious conversations about Persian food, and be inspired by those who provided me with further knowledge about our cuisine.

Having this little corner of the web has also pushed me towards engaging through Social Media. My Persian Kitchen’s Facebook page reached a huge milestone on the last day of 2013: 10,000 fans! In recent months I have finally taken the plunge and joined Instagram. Feel free to follow me there too; I try to crosspost as minimally as possible so that you are not bombarded with the same pictures on all accounts!

Most days I wish that I could do this blogging business full time. Sometimes my work schedule gets in the way and it’s hard to fit in making Persian food, which always take a long time to prep and cook. But none of that really matters today, because despite the light posts, we are all still here today!!! With that said, today I am celebrating this little milestone of mine with some Persian tea and sweets as they are perfect for any celebration!!!

Finally, I would like to thank all of you readers who stop by here on a regular basis. Thank you for coming along this amazing journey and sharing these delicious moments with me.  I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share the delicious cuisine of my birth land with you. I look forward to sharing many more of these anniversaries with you all!

Much love,