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Dear Readers,

Today is an exciting day.  We are finally launching My Persian Kitchen!

Much to my excitement Persian Kitchen took off pretty fast and many people have been kind enough to leave comments expressing their excitement about there being a blog like mine where they can learn about Persian Cuisine.

I can’t begin to even express how much I enjoy reading comments by the readers.  Each note not only makes me more motivated to cook and post about the cuisine of my homeland, but I am also encourage to expand this new venture in my life and see where it takes us all.

You will notice that our name is now “My Persian Kitchen.”  This was a happy accident, if you will.  When I originally created Persian Kitchen on wordpress  I never looked into domains to see which were taken as I had no idea that it would become as popular as it has. Someone has been sitting on that name for a few years and I knew that they would probably want a pretty penny for selling it to me.

So we played around with some names and one of my relatives, known here as Hungry Tiger, suggested adding the word “my.”  The other ironic coincidence is that as of late I have become more aware of other food blogs by either just clicking away through the bloggersphere or coming upon them on Twitter.  Sure enough, I realized that there are a lot of people out there with blog names that are a combination of two words one of them being “Kitchen.” So in the scheme of things,  My Persian Kitchen breaks that pattern a little bit.

I hope you will continue to enjoy our posts and visit us often at our new permanent home.  Please leave comments as we love to hear from you!

We are still in the process of making sure that everything works and all the links have been transferred. Please let us know if you encounter any problems while viewing the page or leaving comments.

The Kitchen Staff

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