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A couple of weekends ago I sat down and planned all of my posts for the next two months.  I went through all the requests that you wonderful readers have made when leaving comments and came up with a schedule.  According to my cool little schedule today’s recipe was supposed to be Nan Keshmeshee, Persian Raisin Cookies.


So today I made a batch of my favorite Persian cookies: Nan Keshmeshee…it was a good attempt, but after thinking about it for the past few hours, I decided that the recipe is not good enough to make an appearance on the blog yet.  This was my second attempt at making them, the first time they were OK but too greasy.  Today’s batch was once again greasy and not good at all.

I will make it again and tweak the ingredients and see how I do the third time around. So far the two recipes that I have used have had way too much butter…making the cookies greasy and not crunchy….

In the mean time though, I just wanted to remind you all that My Persian Kitchen has a Fan Page where the fans are growing every day, which is super exciting for me.  So if you are on Facebook, please join us, I always love to hear from the readers!


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