Baking cookies is a big part of the days leading up to the Persian New Year. I am really excited to share this recipe with you for a couple of reasons. One because Naan Berenji is one of my favorite Norouz cookies, but also because of the person who gave me this recipe.  This cookie is really simple to make and this recipes make a lot of cookies. Not only is it easy, it’s also gluten free and dairy free!

If I were a better blogger, I should have counted them all and told you. But I didn’t because I baked a tray on Friday morning and took pictures. Then yesterday we baked a couple of trays at the Persian cooking class that I taught and enjoyed them with some Persian Tea after we ate the delicious food that we cooked.

Now to the part of where this recipe comes from. I should begin by saying that I have a love and hate relationship with Facebook simply because it can be somewhat of a passive way of staying in touch. For me it has been a great way to reconnect with family and friends who don’t live in LA or in the US. Anyway, one fine day I get an email through FB asking me if I was so and so’s daughter.  Our common “friends” were my paternal cousins. A couple of emails exchanges later I found out that he is a second cousin and so we have been getting to know each other.  His name is Sjarog and I affectionately call him Cousin Sjarog.

Cousin Sjarog lives in Amsterdam and for the past few months has been actively cooking Persian food and posting his creation’s pictures on Facebook. And I have been loving every second of it!! A couple of weeks ago I asked my cousins if they had a good recipe of Naan Berenji and I immediately received an email with the recipe from guess who? Cousin Sjarog!!! He found this recipe on the internet when he was looking for it himself and passed it on to me.

I have included the converted amounts into cups for those of you who don’t have a scale!


500g rice flour
200g confectioner sugar
250g oil
1/2 cup rose water
2 eggs
poppy seeds

Separate eggs and set egg whites aside.  In a bowl place confectioner sugar and egg yolks.  I would suggest sifting your sugar; it didn’t occur to me that I should have done that until it was too late.

Add oil to sugar and yolks and mix well.

Beat egg white in another bowl until firm.

Add rose water and rice flour to the eggs, sugar and oil.

Mix well.

Fold in the egg whites.

Mix well. Let the dough rest over night in the fridge.

I found that the best way to make these cookies was to shape them into a small ball the size of a hazelnut. Please them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. The gently press them down into a round form.  Then take a fork and create indentations on each cookie. It is best to do this when the dough is nice and cold so that the fork doesn’t stick to the dough.  Then sprinkle some poppy seeds on each cookie and bake for 25 minutes in a 300º oven.

Enjoy these cookies with a nice cup of Persian Tea!!