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One of the fan members Ehsan kindly posted the following videos on My Persian Kitchen’s Fan Page.

The documentary was put forth by Australia’s TV program Food Safari. I personally think that it is one of the most comprehensive and well presented documentaries about Persian food that I have ever seen. Even though it was only about half an hour long, it covered so many basis. I absolutely loved the spirit of the Persians who live in Australia, the beautiful food presentation, and the recipes shared. I had never heard of Ghormeh Sabzi with duck…my, I have to have it…I HAVE to!

Ironically, two other people email me the links to the videos in the past few days, so it is making the internet rounds!! Just in case you have not seen them, here they are!

I hope you will enjoy this documentary as much as I did!




Feel free to share your thoughts about the video!

PS. Be sure to also check out the My Persian Kitchen Fan Page and join the conversations!

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