I have many fond memories of my maternal grandmother.  She was a lovely woman who took care of everyone around her. She was kind, generous, and gentle.  She was the best person you could imagine having by your side when you were sick. She took very good care of me when I would get sick. A pot of soup would always be made. At night Vicks was a staple, she always rubbed some on my throat and chest. One of the other things that she always made for me when I had a soar throat and cough was brew some Quince Seeds, Beh Daneh. I hated it and dreaded the moment she approached me with the glass and fed me the damn thing with a tea spoon. OH MY GOD it was gross.

As you may have noticed from my previous post for Persian Chicken Soup, I have been sick. I am still not back to 100% and still feel loopy.  Anyway, while I had a soar throat and was coughing I thought I would make myself the same thing that my grandma used to make for me and also post it here for the rest of you to try.


I went to our local Persian market and purchased a bag of Quince Seeds.  The direction on the back of the package says to mix 1 tablespoon of the seeds with 8 ounces of water and boil them together.  Then drink the liquid.


Here is a new fancy word “mucilage.” Oh so fancy!


I don’t remember my grandma making it that way. If memory serves me right this is grandma’s way of making it.


I found using one of this Chinese Tea Cup with its own infuser to be the easiest way.  This tea cup was given to me by an ex-coworker upon her return from a trip to China.  I don’t use it very often though because I am never happy with just one cup of tea!!!


Place 1 tablespoon of seeds in the infuser.


Add hot water.


Cover and let steep. I never drank it hot as a child, only at room temperature.


If you look at the seeds after they have spent some time steeping, you will notice that the water becomes a bit jelly like. That’s what they mean by mucilage!


Remove the infuser with the seeds and sip on the liquid every few hours.