Our second week in Maui was spent doing more exploring, snorkeling, and my most favorite activity: eating!

So around here geckos roam freely. They are everywhere! We caught this adorable little baby gecko chilling on the floor. Geckos make a squeaky sound and initially I thought it was the birds outside, but then I learned that it was the geckos! I am not a fan or insects and reptiles, but these guys are super cute. I may add too, so long as I don’t find them or feel them on me while asleep, they shall remain cute!!!

The sunsets around here are simply gorgeous and the colors are very dramatic!

We took a drive to the other side of the island last week to Paia where I finally got to meet twitter friend Dania.  All of us went to lunch together to a fabulous restaurant, Flatbread. I loved the fact that the majority of their produce and cheeses are from local farms.

Our pizza was simply delicious. While it is against my foodie religion to have pineapple on my pizza, this one was simply delicious! For those of you gluten free folks, they even offer a GF crust!

We also paid a visit to the local Lahaina Yacht Club thanks to our friend’s mom’s membership! The catch of the day was Ono with a Miso Butter Sauce with Mashed Potatoes and Carrots.  Ono is also known as Wahoo and it was simply delicious.

And what would life be without some fabulous cocktails? We zipped over to the Pineapple Grill for their Friday night happy hour and pupus. I went for a Coconut Martini while the Sous Chef got a Pomegranate Martini.

One of the most fabulous afternoons was spent at the above cove.  It was one hell of an awesome experience because we got to see Sea Turtles.

The only word that I have for them is MAJESTIC.  Our friend Jon snapped this picture of me as I was diving down for a closer, yet at a safe distance, view of one of the turtles.

So many pretty fish!! Here we have a Moorish Idol on the right and on the left a Picasso Triggerfish swimming downward and a Convict Tang (yellow with black strips).

Sometimes you run into bigger fishies who are so white that they have to stay mostly covered otherwise they might turn into a lobster! This one was super cute!

Trumpet Fish

Spotted Boxfish

A turtle resting under rocks.

I was minding my own business swimming around when I came up and turned around and low and be hold there was a turtle who had come up for air just behind me. You can see his head pocking out of the water.

He took a few deep breaths and then made his way back down. They are so incredibly beautiful.

This type of fish I am told luck is on your side if you come across him, but somehow I end up seeing him often when I go snorkeling. I must be very lucky!

A school of various types of fish swimming around. Sadly shortly after I downloaded these pictures from our Waterproof Fuji camera it simply died.  I was especially bummed because not only it left us without a toy to take pictures with under water, but mostly because I bought the camera as a birthday present for the Sous Chef’s birthday last month.

We took a trip to the other side of the island a couple of days ago so that The Sous Chef and Jon could go canyoneering.

The trail that lead to the three awesome swimming holes and waterfalls was very pretty.

Watching what entails getting ready to repel was very fascinating for me.  So many different ropes and knots and what not!

This is The Sous Chef’s new found entertainment.  Here he is going off the edge of the cliff we were standing on.

After the boys went down the cliff, I hiked out on my own.  I had to go back the same way we came in which meant climbing back up these rocks and the best part of it all…

Was going up this cliff with the tree’s roots hanging all over the place. It was fun! 🙂 Much easier than I expected. I love adventures such as this! 🙂

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more next week! 🙂