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One of my many fond memories of hot summer days and nights in Iran is when my grandmother used to make  Sharbateh Sekanjebin.  I also remember this refreshing drink being offered to guests when they visited.

Since summer is right around the corner, I thought this is the best time to post about this refreshing drink!

Sekanjebin is a mint syrup and it is a mixed with water and severed on ice.

All you need for this delicious drink is Sekanjebin, water, ice, and a mint spring for decoration.  Mix one part sekanjebin with 2 parts water.  Mix well until the syrup is diluted.

If you prefer your drink on the  sweeter side then add more syrup, but if you prefer it less sweet then add less syrup.

A great addition to this refreshing drink is grated cucumber. It makes the whole thing even better!! I usually calculate one cucumber for every two drinks.

In a pitcher add one part sekanjebin, 2 parts water and a few ice cubes.

Add grated cucumbers.  And mix well.

So simple, delicious, AND super refreshing!!!

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