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So far here on My Persian Kitchen I have featured  Tahdig with Yogurt , Tahdig with Lavash, and Tahdig with Potatoes. I was intrigued by  Tahdig, crusty rice at the bottom of the pot, with lettuce from the very first time I heard about it. I always wondered how it would all come out whether the lettuce would maintain its green color, be crunchy, and more than anything taste good.

So I experimented!

The first step here is to make rice for polow. You can read all about how to do that on my post Cooking Rice for Polow.

I picked baby romaine lettuce leaves.

Add canola oil and water as you would normally for Polow. Place lettuce leaves on top and push down to make them as flat as possible.

Pour rice over and cook as usual. First cover and cook rice on high for 10 minutes then pour some melted butter and water over it, wrap the lid into a towel, place the lid back on,  and steam rice for one hour on low.

The final product was good. But honestly, it wasn’t mind blowing to me the way potato tahdig is. The lettuce was not as crunchy as I wondered if it would be.The color was definitely light. I liked the way the tahdig came out though esthetically. It looked like a flower thanks to the baby romaine lettuce!

How about you all? How many of you like this type of tahdig and make it often?

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