I would like to introduce a new section to this blog: Tips & Techniques. I will post what ever techniques that I can think of that might help you out.  The first of such posts is about cleaning your grill.

I have posted a few recipes here where I have used our grill. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate using a grill that’s dirty.  I learned this grill cleaning technique from The Sous Chef.  All you need is a good Grill Brush and a lemon.


Fortunately for us we have a huge lemon tree which means we always have lemons, year round. To the right of it, is a Guava tree. I never know what to do with the Guavas, I love the way the blossoms smell and when they first start maturing on the tree. But when they fall on the ground they smell terrible, like a cat’s pee.  I think this year I might try making a guava jam…


I love our lemons, they are so nice and juicy!!!! Anyway, back to the purpose of our post! Cut your lemon in half.


First turn on the BBQ and let the grill warm up. Then take the Grill Brush and brush brush away.


Rub the lemon halves on the surface going up and down the grill.


You might want to use your Grill Brush as it can get pretty hot.  Once done your grill not only will be clean, but it will also be slightly shiny and seasoned!

Do you have any grill cleaning tips to share? I would love to hear what the rest of you do!