BizCard-GoFund Last year I received an email from Persian comedian Kvon asking me if I was interested in talking about Persian food for a documentary he was in the process of creating. I immediately said yes because I actually knew who he was and found him amusing.  A few years back he was on a show where he cooked Persian food and the end result was not exactly “pretty.” A few years ago when I posted my recipe for Zereshk Polow I linked back to said video as an example of what not to do. Kvon told me that the documentary that he was working on was about Norouz and his lack of understanding of it since growing up his Persian father had not shared any of our cultural traditions with him. So the day that he came over he was in between projects and we quickly made the same meal he had made on the show and I also had prepared the traditional dishes that are made for Norouz. We had a great time together, although, it was nerve racking for me as I had never been interviewed on camera or done any serious videos.


On October 18th Kvon’s documentary, Nowruz: Lost & Found, will be shown at the Noor Festival in Beverly Hills. I am super excited for him and so inspired by his hard work to bring his documentary to life. 2-BizCard-Prem Kvon is currently holding a fundraiser to put the finishing touches on his documentary which will then be available for purchase. If you’d like to purchase tickets for this event and/or help him with the finishing touches on his documentary please hop on over to  his fundraiser page:

Each person who donates to his fund will receive a copy of the documentary as soon as it becomes available on DVD!

I will be at the October 18th screening at the Noor Festival, if you are going please say hello!