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june 2009 (Small)

Happy Wednesday People!

Today’s post is about laughter. I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine for the soul. I love to laugh and I can be heard from a distance when I laugh. It is good to laugh!

I love comedies and totally love movies that make me laugh out loud. The Sous Chef and I laughed quiet a bit last Friday night when we went to see “My Life in Ruins.”  I may have snorted a few times from laughing so hard too… :)

If you liked “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you will probably enjoy this new movie by Nia Vardalos. It was especially funny for me as we just came back from a month long backpacking trip in Europe.


Hey, can I tell you a little secret? Come closer.

If you go to the watch a movie at the Del Amo mall, you can get discounted tickets at the Jhonny Rockets with the purchase of a hamburger, fries, and soda.  Not only that, you can take your food inside the movie theater. We didn’t know until after we bought our tickets, but it is a pretty sweet deal. 😉

So go on out and have yourself a good laugh!

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