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I have been meaning to post recipes here, but life and such has been getting in the way. I have a few recipes photographed and they simply need to be edited and posted.  But but but but…

Anyway, it has been unbelievably hot in Los Angeles these days and my brain doesn’t always function fully when it is this hot. Not to mention my sense of humor tends to take a vacation and land itself into dreamland where there is a nice pool, a nice ocean breeze, and someone who cooks and cleans for her.

I don’t know about you, but just like my sense of humor I like little weekend getaways to places where there is plenty of things to do yet there is also plenty of time to just sit around read a book or just hang out with cool people.

Here is a fun thing I have done and if you want a fun weekend where you can go back in time and be a kid again at camp, then you must check this little fun event out from Friday September 25th to Sunday September 27th in Catalina Island.


I just look at the picture above and I just want to dive right in.  You know why? You see that rock?  It is my favorite place to go snorkeling. Amen.

We all need vacations where we can just forget about it all and have some good times! So my advice today for Wellness Wednesday is reward yourself with vacations!

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