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Our friend Elena came up with the concept of Wellness Wednesday on her blog a couple of years ago.

Wellness Wednesday is about empowerment, acknowledgment and sharing.  Its about celebrating the millions of unique ways we can enhance our health and be responsible for the bodies we have.

For the past year the weekly post went into temporary hiatus.  She recently decided to bring it all back to life and I decided that it would be a cool thing to try out for my own blog. Let’s see how I do with this!

For the first post of this series I would like to start with something that I have mentioned a few times while posting for recipes. One of the many wonderful things that The Sous Chef brought into my life is the importance to shop at our local Farmers’ Market. We are regulars at the Torrance Farmers’ Market which is on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from 8am to 1pm.

By going shopping at the Farmers’ Market you are not only supporting your local farmers and economy, but you are also making a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  People may not realize that going to the Farmers’ Market is also an environmentally friendly option because what you are buying has been grown locally and only travels a few miles. But most importantly you know where the fruit and veggies that you purchase come from. Also of great importance is the taste of the produce. One of the things that one notices immediately about the fruit and vegetables purchased at the Farmers’ Market is the difference in taste. Everything tastes so much better than the local grocery store.

Interestingly, I read an article on the  LA Times about how Farmers’ Market have become more popular among students. This is really exciting news and the article is well worth reading.

Please feel free to contribute to Wellness Wednesday. I would love to hear what the rest of you do. Also don’t be shy about leaving comments, I love comments!


The Chef :)

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