Many of you have wondered where I have been as the post on MPK have all of a sudden slowed down considerably. I have had a few challenging months! On the bright side of things after being unemployed first and then underemployed for a couple of years, I finally was offered a few composition classes to teach at a local college. Ironically, my first day of work was March 21st, indeed the best Norouz present I could have asked for.  So a lot of my time has been taken up by preparing lectures, teaching, and correcting tons of papers! All was good, until the Universe decided that Sanam was basking way too much in her new found happiness. So he decided to throw some lemons our way in the past few months. Let’s see, where does one begin?!

  1. A raccoon finds its way to our roof and decides that he wants to break in. He makes THREE attempts to dig through our roof and move into our attic. Awesome! There went travel money saved with a very specific purpose in mind, such as visiting family in Europe.  In the skim of things we have a new roof!
  2. I was rear-ended on the 405 freeway during stop and go traffic. The other driver was not paying attention and she slammed into me and the front of her car went under the back of my car.  Good thing she didn’t run away and pulled over. Even if she did, the highlight of it all was that her front license plate was stuck under my car!
  3. The Dog was diagnosed with a rare form of autoimmune syndrome. We had to put her on steroids for a month, and it was difficult for all. Pour thing was not herself, was constantly thirsty, and hungry.
  4. The Sous Chef twisted his ankle really badly during a canyoneering outing.  He was lucky he didn’t break it…but boy did it swell up and looked horrible.
  5. The Sous Chef had two cysts removed, one from the back of his neck and the other from his back. All good there, as they were begnin even though one had grown bigger and was uncomfortable.
  6. Since the Sous Chef was on a medical leave because of his ankle he decided to go ahead and have carpal tunnel surgery on both his hands now, instead of later this year.  Boy was that fun for all of us! Thankfully, he has a phenomenal doctor and now he is doing PT for it.
  7. Someone broke into our garage twice in a span of 8 days.  The first time around they stole a couple of tools and some minor stuff from my car, most notably, my make-up bag. Go figure!
  8. The Dog came off her meds as scheduled and the issue didn’t get fixed. Further tests showed that she has Hypo Thyroid…no wonder she has been sluggish and not herself. My poor doggie…
  9. I had another issue as well that required the help of a lawyer, but I won’t talk about that here…suffice to say it added to the issues.

As you can see I have had my hands full with stuff and managed to make all the lemonade that I could. Have no fears though, I have not forgotten my sense of humor, I am very resilient!! But I have really missed blogging and the awesome energy that comes from all of you fabulous readers!

So with all of this said, I am back! I have a whole bunch of posts planned, so stay tuned!!! Here is a teaser for what’s coming up this week!