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Shabeh Yalda & Korsi
13 years ago

Shabeh Yalda & Korsi

Last year I wrote a post highlighting the type of Ajil, Persian Trail mix, enjoyed on Shabeh Yalda also known as Winter Solstice.  Shabeh Yalda either falls on the 21st or 22nd of December and it is regarded as the longest night of the year.  Winter Solstice celebrates the transition of fall into winter. It is not surprising that Iranians celebrate this transitional time in nature as many of the cultural Persian celebrations coincide with the change of seasons. Read More

Rosh Hashanah

First and foremost happy Rosh Hashanah to all of you who celebrate this holiday. May this be a happy New Year for you and your loved ones!

My first introduction to this Jewish holiday was in 1990 when I moved to Los Angeles.  I remember walking to school with one of my schoolmates and she telling me about the various type of food that were consumed in various Jewish holidays.  I found it all fascinated right away because this new found knowledge was nothing that I had been exposed to before. Read More

Esfand & The Evil Eye
14 years ago

Esfand & The Evil Eye

Esfand, Esphand, or Espand? Which one do you say or write ?!

It is pretty safe to say that Iranians are very superstitious and firmly believe in the “evil eye.”   Read More