It’s March first today and for those of us who live outside of Iran means one thing: Norouz, Iranian New Year,  is right around the corner and we must prepare for the new year!

In Iran the anticipation of the new year is felt in every sense of the way.  After months of cold the snow starts melting, days get a little warmer and sunnier, and flowers  and tress begin blooming.  Sadly I don’t get to experience this marvelous transition from the dark winter to the the brightness of spring in Southern California. For me, as silly as it sounds, I know spring is in the air when Daffodils start appearing at Trader Joe’s!


Much to my excitement this year there is some flowers blooming in my yard. I went a bit crazy and planted a whole bunch of bulbs a few months ago.  The picture above is of the very first Fresia that bloomed. It smells  divine! It feels like spring is right around the corner!

During the weeks that lead up to Norouz it is customary for Iranians to first and foremost do some Khaneh Takani, spring cleaning. Indeed, women will busy themselves cleaning every nook and cranny of their home.

Additionally, during the weeks prior to Norouz there is some serious baking that takes place in order to make sure that each person has plenty of sweets to place on the Sofreh Hafseen, the traditional spread that is prepared for the  New Year, as well as enough to share with family and friends.

The next three weeks are going to be filled with lots of informative posts on My Persian Kitchen. I am going to post about the food that is consumed for Norouz as well as how to prepare the various elements of  Sofreh Hafseen.

So stay tuned, it’s going to be super fun and busy around here!!!

Official countdown:

Days until Norouz: 19