Last week I wrote about my experience at Camp Blogaway. While at the event I also had the opportunity to catch up with one of the first fellow Los Angeles food bloggers that I met about five years ago. I met Erika at the very first food bloggers’ conference that I attended and liked her immediately.  This year Erika shared with me that she had embarked on a new foodie venture. As it turns out she created her own line of sauces and cleverly named them Not Ketchup. I was immediately intrigued because not only I was so proud of her for using her culinary creativity to create her own product but also because all the sauces sounded delicious.

Throughout the weekend we had the opportunity to try Erika’s various Not Ketchup sauces and much to my excitement she also sent us home with a few bottles of our own.

Today, I would like to share with you Erika’s sauces because I have no doubts that you will enjoy them as much as I have been. I have to say that out of the four that I have tried my absolute favorites are the Cherry Chipotle and Spicy Fig.

The weekend after Camp Blogaway I went on a fabulous camping trip to Pismo Beach. I was in charge of feeding 55 campers for a couple of happy hours, dinners, and desserts as well as one breakfast. On our fist night we had some delicious Pulled Pork and Pulled Chicken Sandwiches topped with the delicious Cherry Chipotle sauce.  I can honestly say that Erika’s sauce made the sandwiches over the top good and left some hungry campers very satisfied with dinner.

The next time I unveiled the sauces was a couple of nights later when during Happy Hour I set out some delicious cheeses and crackers.  I served Feta Cheese topped with the Smoke Date sauce and Goat Cheese with the Spicy Fig sauce.

I have posted before about my love for the combination of Feta Cheese and Dates.  Because of my fondness of this sweet and salty combination I thought that they would be the best combination. Well, they were…but then I switched the sauces, and honestly I felt that the Spicy Fig and Feta Cheese was mind blowing good!!

If you are like me, someone who thoroughly enjoys various types of cheeses and always has a cheese platter for guests to enjoy, then I promise you that you will not be disappointed with this combination. Also, this is such an easy and crowd pleasing appetizer option for potlucks, picnics, and camping trips!


1 block French Feta Cheese
4 tablespoons of Not Ketchup Spicy Fig
Lavash Bread or Crackers

Remove Feta Cheese from package and place on a platter. Evenly pour sauce over cheese. Serve with Lavash Bread cut into rectangles or crackers.

Not Ketchup sauces are available for purchase online or at select stores in Southern California and Texas.

Product provide by Not Ketchup for consideration. Opinions are mine.