Here is one more “How To” post.  Ever wondered how to peel tomatoes? Well here is how! It’s super easy and quick.


Wash your tomatoes.


With a sharp pairing knife make an “X” incision at the bottom of each tomato.


Blanch the tomatoes  in simmering water for just a few seconds.


Remove them from the water. You will notice some tomato skins will peel back, while the skin of others remains intact.  This has to do with how long the tomatoes stay in the water and also how fresh they are. You will notice that the two tomatoes on the right have remained intact whereas the others’ skin peeled off.  The two on the right were firmer than the rest as I bought them last night, where as the rest were bought a few days ago.


Start from the bottom and peel back the skin. The peeling process happens rather quickly and effortlessly.

Now you are ready to move forward with the rest of any recipe that calls for removing tomato skin!