Persians love their Feta cheese. they really really do!

I really really REALLY LOVE Feta cheese.

There are three different types of Feta Cheese: Greek, Bulgarian, and French.  I absolutely love the French type because it is less salty and milder tasting out of the three.

Here is what my grandmother did every time she brought home feta cheese. The first time The Sous Chef saw me do it, he was very perplexed. But we don’t contest what my grandmother did because she was the expert! Now he has learned and does the same thing. I thought I would be ever so nice and pass on the my grandmother’s teachings to the rest of you Feta Cheese lovers!

First, boil some water and let it cool down to room temperature.


You can purchase French Feta cheese from pretty much any Middle Eastern market. I was extremely happy when I saw that good old Costco started carrying FRENCH Feta cheese from goat milk! Let’s just say that in this household we love and consume feta cheese quiet a bit!


“French White Cheese made from sheep’s milk. Made exclusively from the rich sheep’s milk of South West of France for a creamy and rich taste.” Bless them little cute sheepies! They make my morning breakfast so enjoyable and most definitely something to look forward to. 🙂


Back to what to do with the cheese. Open the package.


Remove the cheese! Look at it, so gloriously white!


Place in a deep  container which has a lid that closes tightly.  I love this glass dish, it is perfect for our enormous block of Feta!


Pour water on top.


Close the lid and palce in the fridge. The water helps keep the cheese fresher too!