I do a very limited amount of sponsored posts here on MPK as I am particular about who I recommend to my readers. In today’s post, though, I would like to talk about an online service that will help many of you who live in the United States and Canada who don’t have easy access to a Persian market. I often receive emails from people asking me where they can purchase Iranian ingredients. In some case people live in areas where Persian stores don’t exist. Fortunately, there is a fantastic place online that now you can purchase both fresh and dried Persian goods! Yes, you heard correctly fresh goodies can also be purchased and they will be delivered to your door step package in dry ice.

I present to you Persian Basket, a fantastic online store with all the Iranian ingredients that you need delivered right to your door.

Persian Basket

Last year I was fortunate to receive a big box of goodies compliments of Persian Basket. The theme of said box was breakfast, one of my favorite meals of the day!!!
Persian Basket-2

Since I had received such a nice abundance of goodies, I decided to host a little Sunday breakfast gathering outside in our backyard.

Persian Basket-3

Our breakfast table featured Feta Cheese, Quince Jam, Sour Cherry Jam, Pistachio Halva, Barbari bread, and it all was washed down with some delicious Persian Tea.

Needless to say, a fabulous breakfast was enjoyed by all, but most importunely I was really enjoyed introducing the deliciousness of Persian Breakfast to our non-Iranian friends. Much to my excitement they liked the Pistachio Halva so much and I sent them home with it! Thank you again, Persian Basket for the goodies!

The ingredients featured in this post were provided by Persian Basket. All opinions are solely my own.