Persian Skewers1 (Medium)

I thought I would post a little tutorial about Persian skewers this week in light of last week’s post about Jujeh Kabob.  You may have noticed that the skewers that I used are not the skinny wooden type that people are usually used to using when making kabobs. There are two different types of skewers used when making Persian style kabob.

Persian Skewers4 (Medium)

As you can see in the picture above these are metal skewers with a wooden handle. They are long, flat, and narrow.  This is the type of skewer that Persians usually use for grilling chicken kabob and tomatoes. These babies have quite the kabob mileage on them.  They were passed down to us by one of my favorite people in this whole entire planet Hamid.  Since then they have pretty much been used every time we make chicken kabob.

Persian Skewers3 (Medium)

The second type of skewers are the same length as the ones used for chicken kabob and are also flat, however, they are wider. These skewers are predominantly used for Kabob Koobideh, which is ground beef kabob.  These workout better for this type of kabob because there is more surface for the ground beef to stay attached giving it the flat and wide look.

I love using this type of skewers because you can grill larger quantities of meat and also spend less time skewering. They are also easy to clean AND you don’t have to soak them prior to using or worry that they will catch fire!