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5 years ago


Samovars (sometimes also spelled Samavar or Samaavar)  are used to boil water for tea and are a staple in most Persian homes. Just like in Russian, Tea is a popular drink in Iran.  Pretty much everyone begins their day with a cup of tea, drinks some more after each meal as well as some between meals. Read More

Jujeh Kabob Grilled Indoors

Last week was a bit of blessing in disguise in Los Angeles….kinda sorta. We got some much needed rain after months of drought.  All the rain of course also …
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Persian Rice Cooking Method with Rice Cooker

A few months back I wrote about Persian Rice Cooking Method, which is done on the stove.  In a past post I have also talked about the difference between …
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Persian Skewers

I thought I would post a little tutorial about Persian skewers this week in light of last week’s post about Jujeh Kabob.  You may have noticed that the skewers …
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Persian Rice Cooker

Did I mention how much I love it when people leave comments? I do, I really really do!

Todays’ post is yet another response to a comment. To be precises, …
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The Electric Stove Dilemma

I love sign-in and seeing that people have left comments.  I love the fact that I have created two posts based on what a couple of people have asked in …
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