Sahrbateh Albaloo1 (Medium)

One of my most favorite Persian drinks is Sharbateh Albaloo.  It is the most delicious and refreshing juice ever.  I have very fond memories of being in Iran and drinking it during hot summer days.  This drink is  always offered to guests when they come for a visit along with other options such as tea and water.

I love albaloo, what here we commonly know as sour cherries. We used to have a small tree of sour cherries in my grandmother’s backyard. This was yet another fruit to look forward to in the early summer.  I used to pick fresh ones from the tree all the time.  Good old days! It has been years since I have had fresh ones.

Sharbateh Albaloo is really easy to make. Once you have had it, life will never be the same! Here is what you need:

Sour Cherry Syrup (can be purchased at Middle Eastern stores)



Sahrbateh Albaloo2 (Small)

I personally like to drink mine very very very cold. So I not only use ice, but also cold water out of the fridge.

Sahrbateh Albaloo3 (Small)

First place ice in the glass and then add the syrup.  It is up to you how much syrup to put in, depending on how sweet you like your drink. I don’t like mine too sweet so I find that the amount shown in the picture is perfect for me.  Nevertheless, it is best to keep the ratio to more water than syrup.

Sahrbateh Albaloo4 (Small)

Add water.

Sahrbateh Albaloo5 (Small)

Give it a nice stir and watch as the color changes into a dramatic and gorgeous ruby.