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Anyone who has lived in Iran as a child has undoubtedly experienced the awesomeness that is Tamreh Hendi, Tamarind. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement that the end of each school day brought to us kids, not only because we were free to go home, but also because we would run to go buy Tamreh Hendi to eat on our way home.

In my case I took the school bus home every day and our bus driver would often stop down the street from where our school was to let us get off and buy some type of haleh hooleh, junk food. It was pretty cool of him to make the quick stop for us kids. But I suppose that it paid off for him to do that because we were too busy eating our goodies to make noise and cause havoc!

During our stops I would alternate between my two favorites Tamreh Hendi and Pofak, the Iranian version of Cheese Puffs.

Tamreh Hendi was always packaged in a plastic wrap and we just sucked the tamarind right out of it.


I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is for me now that I no longer live in Iran to find Tamreh Hendi at Persian stores. This brand that my local store carries is produced and packaged in Iran.


It’s just like when I was a kid, with the pits in with the pulp! When I buy them, I go right back to my childhood!


I remove the label and push up the tamarind towards the top of the package.


With my teeth I tear off a piece of the wrapping on one of the top corners.


See now there is a whole where you can suck the tamarind out. But you have to have to watch out for the pits!


Oh yes! I loooove tamarind as it is a wonderful combination of sweet and sour! So good!

How many of you have fond memories of buying Tamreh Hendi after school?

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