My most fondest childhood memory is sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table in the morning for breakfast.  We had the same breakfast routine every single morning before I left for school.

Maman Fakhri always had a nice cup of sweet Persian tea ready for me along with feta cheese and bread.  For the most part the bread that we had was Lavash bread.  There also always was some type of jam that she herself had made or purchased.

While we ate breakfast we always played a game using a newspaper that she laid out on the table. We each picked a word and shared it with each other, then each person had to find where the word was written in the two pages that were open in front of us.

Twenty five years later, I still fondly think of this special time that my grandmother and I spent together. Truth be told, no one since or before her made breakfast time so special for me.  Some days I wonder if Maman Fakhri is the reason why breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day.

I still love having tea along with bread spread with feta cheese and some type of jam. My most favorite jams have always been quince, sour cherry, marmalade, and fig.  This is such a heavenly combination of flavors.  Quince jam is what you see in the picture above.

The combination of feta cheese, jam, and lavash bread served with Persian tea is the most simplistic traditional Iranian breakfast. Of course, either Barbari or Sangak breads are a delicious choice, especially when just fresh out of the oven!

There are many other delicious Persian breakfast combinations that I will gradually feature here. Noon-o Paneer-o Moraba –bread, cheese, and jam– is just the first one of many delicious recipes to come!