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This week’s video is about the crown jewel of spices: saffron. Why the crown jewel? Because saffron is the most expensive spice. Saffron is predominately used in Persian cooking, however, other cuisines also use saffron such as Indian, Italian, Spanish, and Moroccan. People often wonder why this spice is so expensive. In this video you’ll see why, as each flower needs to be carefully picked and then each thread needs to be removed from the center of the flower just as carefully.

According to this video there are different grades of saffron depending on where it’s grown. Additionally, saffron does well in dry climates and generally the flowers need to be watered only twice during they life cycle.

This video is in Farsi, however, one does not necessarily need to know the language in order to appreciate the viewing of the process.

The title of today’s video is “Iranian saffron is renowned in spice world.” It is uploaded by Booz Wheez and it is 4:05 minutes long.



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