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Today’s Video Wednesday touches a few themes even though it’s pretty short. The first is the arrival of Norouz and how merchants hope that it will provide a rise in sales. Another theme is how the worldwide financial trouble has had an impact on Iran’s economy. The last one is how Iran has seen an increase in tourism in recent years as more westerners have shown interest in our country and culture.

I loved the first scenes of this video where we are given a glimpse into a Persian Bazaar, probably Bazaar Tajrish in Tehran, which is filled with people shopping for Sofreh Haft Seen items. I also found myself taken by the fashionable attires sold at stores for women to wear when out in the public. This is such a far cry from the Iran that left in my childhood where everyone had to wear solid dark colors.

Today’s video is titled “Inside Iran: Will Nowruz bring better fortunes?” The video is produced by BBC News and it is 4 minutes in length.


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