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It’s Video Wednesday again here at MPK. Grab yourself a hot cup of Persian Tea and sit back for some deliciousness! Today’s documentary is centered around the making of bread and reshteh, Persian noodles. By the time you are done watching this video you’ll want to have some Noon-o Paneer-o Sabzi and Asheh Reshteh or Reshteh Polow.

This documentary, Beautiful Documentary of Persia: Bread, is 22.16 minutes long. While viewing, it might stop playing as if it has come to an end, have no fears though. In my case I simply pressed the refresh button on my browser and it started again where it left off.


I thought this documentary was really interesting because I had always wondered how Reshteh is made. What I also loved is the simplistic way in which both the bread and the noodles are made. While making these items is very labor intensive, I loved watching how the women helped each other by dividing the work.

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