A couple of years ago I came across a recipe in a food magazine for a watermelon and Feta Cheese salad.  At first I was all intrigued until I went down the ingredient list and saw onion followed by some type of vinaigrette.  Then one day I decided to make what in my own head sounded good.  A simpler version of said salad. I have to say that this has become a favorite and it’s a fantastic salad but also a fantastic meal in itself on hot summer days or nights.  It takes minimal effort, and most importantly, there is no cooking involved!


1 watermelon, preferably seedless
3 tbsp fine chopped mint
1 cup feta cheese, crumbled

The first step is to simply cut up your watermelon.  My melon baller  is one of my favorite kitchen toys! It’s always fun to use it!

I have found that it’s best to mix the watermelon with the mint first, either in a mixing bowl or in the same bowl that you will serve the salad.  Then sprinkle the crumbled feta on top of the watermelon and avoid further mixing the salad.

Of course you can play around with the ratio of the mint and feta cheese to make it more appealing to your palate. I have no doubts though that you will enjoy the delicious combination of sweet, salty along the freshness of mint. I think this is definitely a winner!

What about you, have you ever had or made a watermelon and Feta Cheese salad with onion and a dressing? Do you like it? Yes? No? Why? I am really curious to hear your take on it!