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Cooking Rice for Polow

You wonder what the difference between Chelow and Polow is? The difference is huge! Chelow is simply white rice which is usually made along with Khoresht, stew.  Polow is rice …
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How to Sliver and Remove Bitterness from Orange Peel

There are a few dishes in the Persian Cuisine where orange peel is used. I love the taste of orange peel, even more so when it is covered in …
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How to Brew Persian Tea

Any Persian will tell you that they love to drink Chai, pronounced Cha-ee.  Tea, in general, is what Persians drink in the morning, after each meal, and not to …
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Panir ~ Persian Cheese

Persians love their Feta cheese. they really really do!

I really really REALLY LOVE Feta cheese.

There are three different types of Feta Cheese: Greek, Bulgarian, and French.  I …
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Sabzi ~ Persian Fresh Herbs

I was introduced to Sabzi as a child when I lived in Iran. Dare I say, it is a given that I love it and don’t find it to …
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Tips & Techniques: How To Clean Your Grill

I would like to introduce a new section to this blog: Tips & Techniques. I will post what ever techniques that I can think of …
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