One of my most favorite appetizer platters to serve at parties is an Herbs and Feta Cheese platter.  It is always a hit with everyone and the first one that people eat to the very last leaf of herb or cheese crumble.
I always love to see non-Persians’ reaction to the taste of this dish because at first there is a hint of skepticism because they have never seen anything like it before. But without fail, they are hooked at the first bite.  So I always make sure that we have this platter at every single party!

This combination of Persian herbs and feta cheese is simple, yet delicious. In some households this combination of herbs and cheese is included as part of the meal.

The idea here is to have the usual Persian herbs known as Sabzi:

Persian Basil ~ Reyhan
Mint ~ Nanaw
Cilantro ~ Geeshneez
Tarragon ~ Tarkhoon
Persian Watercress ~ Shawhi
Green onion ~ Peeazcheh
Chives ~ Tareh
Radish ~ Torobcheh

A wonderful addition to the platter are either almonds or walnuts. I usually include both.

You can serve the feta cheese uncut in a block, or cut it in cubes.  I find it that it’s much easier to cut it up in cubes.

Always have some Lavash bread or any other type of Persian bread at hand in order to make a bundle filled with herbs, feta cheese and nuts.

Close the bundle and take a bite! So good! The combination of the saltiness of the feta cheese, the walnuts or almonds, along the flavorful herbs is heavenly.

For a tutorial on how to clean Persian Herbs please click here.