Last week was a bit of blessing in disguise in Los Angeles….kinda sorta. We got some much needed rain after months of drought.  All the rain of course also created a lot of flooding and mud slides too.

Today’s question is: what does one do during days such as these when one wants to make some Jujeh Kabob, Chicken Kabob?

There is a simple answer to that question folks! One takes out the George Foreman Grill! Have I ever told you how much I love my George Foreman Grill? I love it so much that I nicknamed it Georgie! Yes, indeed, that is exactly how it is referred to in our household. Georgie is the best and it’s one of the most used “toys” in our kitchen! Not only you can grill meat or chicken on it, but you can also make panini and grilled veggies too! OH YES!

Anyway, the reason I am posting this method of grilling Chicken Kabob is because one of the readers Anahita brought up the subject. She left a comment asking how does one make Jujeh Kabob when one doesn’t have an outdoors grill. Personally, this is how I grill my kabobs indoors! If you don’t have a Georgie, then I strongly suggest you invest in one!

I have posted before about Jujeh Kabob on both how to marinade and grill. This is a great meal idea when you are limited on time. It’s pretty fast and delicious.


2 chicken breasts

1 cup yogurt

2 tbsp Chicken Kabob marinade

olive oil spray

salt & pepper


Place yogurt in a bowl.


Add Chicken Kabob seasoning and mix well.


You can either leave your chicken breast whole or cut it into strips. I went with strips!


Place chicken in yogurt.


Mix well until chicken is completely coated with yogurt and seasoning.


Place in a bag and let rest either over night or at least one hour.


Warm up Georgie and spray all over the grill with olive oil spray.


Place chicken strips on top without crowding them. Close the grill and cook until chicken is done. This is actually a fast process that takes less than 10 minutes. Make sure you flip the chicken half way through.


Make sure that you place the tray under the grill for all the juices that will drop.

Serve chicken with any rice dish of your liking or for a nice and light meal with a salad such as Salad Shirazi!

Isn’t this awesome? You even get the grill marks with Georgie!