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A couple of weeks ago I went through all the comments that you wonderful readers have been leaving requesting for certain Persian dishes.  I have already fulfilled some of those wishes, but there are 13 of them that still remain.  Here is one of the recipes requested!

Today’s post is yet another method for cooking Persian rice.  Interestingly, the first rice cooking method that I posted is the most viewed recipe on this site, as of this second, it as been viewed a whopping 4380 times! WOW!

Thus far, I have shown you how to make rice on the stove and in a rice cooker.   Today, I am going to show you how to make Kateh, which is a much simpler way of making rice on the stove.  Note that when making Kateh, the rice grains don’t come out all nice and separate. The result can be loosely compared to sticky rice.


2 cups rice



canola oil

White Rice2 (Small)

As always, place rice in a bowl.

White Rice3 (Small)

Wash well until water runs clear.


Place rice in a non-stick pot.


Here is a little Persian trick that I am so excited about sharing with you.  Instead of using a measuring cup, you can use your finger to gage the right amount of water.  Pour enough water in the pot until it reaches the line at at your knuckle.  The water has to be precisely at the line.


Here is a closer look. Make sure that your finger doesn’t push down but gently rests at the top of the rice when measuring.  Also, shake your pot slightly to even out the rice before measuring. Alternatively, the amount of water is slightly more than two cups.


Add salt to taste.


Mix well so.  Cook uncovered until water is absorbed by the rice.


At that point add canola oil, I would say about 1 1/2 to 2 table spoons.


Stir gently.


Cook on low for about 50 minutes.


Flip the rice over on a plate. To serve cut through the tahdig.


Look at that just like a cake!

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